Check out this artsy kiting photoshoot by Ydwer and Airush

"when you take a quick look at this image of Bas Koole, you might miss the subtleties of what’s going on."
The interpretation of Art pieces is both subjective and a learned skill, students spend years at uni to learn the subtle hints and signs of what an artist is thinking as he or she paints an artwork. Even then, you could (and many do) spend a lifetime analyzing, thinking and trying to decipher, just what was going through an artists mind as they laid brush to canvas.

Or light through a camera lens… These days, pixels to a monitor.

So when you take a quick look at this image of Bas Koole, a pro freestyle kiteboarder for Airush, you might miss the subtleties of what’s going on. On closer inspection, it’s a multi faceted artwork that would most certainly have taken days of preparation, and hours of execution to get ‘just right’. Rather than spoil it all for you, click here to look at the full resolution version of the image, and put yourself in the kiteboarder Bas Kooles shoes, then try on another pair, that of Ydwer van der Heide, the photographer.

Based in the Netherlands, and spending most of his time in Cape Town, if you follow the competitive kiteboarding scene then you will most certainly have seen one of Ydwers photographs before. He’s also the guy behind some of the stunning Red Bull King of the Air shots (and the more mundane profile pics from the riders). But taking a shot of a kiteboarder flying through the air is easy; at least compared to getting this right! Taken in conjunction with Airush during a photoshoot in Cape town, the artsy photograph will be sitting alongside ">this one from back in 2009, on the shaping room walls. It also caused a bit of a stir at the time, and so did the board!

Check out the great image of Airush Pro Rider Bas Koole, during a photoshoot for their 2016 products in Cape Town.