Cabrinha Fireball - Set to change the way kiters 'hook up'.

That's not an upside-down harness hook you're seeing - it's Cabrinha's new Fireball!
Have you read the forum thread ‘Don’t show us your Hook?’ Cabrinha obviously have, because they’ve just released a new piece of equipment that could change the way you hook up to your kite, or more importantly, how you don’t hook up anything any more.

They call it the Fireball, and it answers the question that many kiters have been asking lately – if 90% of kiters don’t unhook for tricks, then why design 100% of control systems for unhooking?

“Fireball is the first kite connection system purpose built for kitesurfing from the ground up. Its unique design harnesses the specific forces and movements of kiteboarding, and combines them with ergonomic form factors to create a kite connection which seamlessly translates your body movements into an immediate kite reaction. It instantly upgrades any kite and harness delivering more control, security, and comfort than ever before.”

In short, the system uses a specially designed harness spreader bar, that is made to accept a nylon ball in place of a chicken loop. The ball is free to rotate and move from side to side with the kite, and most importantly, it shifts the centre of pressure much closer to the riders body. No more bruises from your harness digging into your ribs!

For the best explanation, and some great shots of the system in action, lets hand you over to Pete Cabrinha himself… Drop by your local kite store in August and ask them for a demo of the new Fireball control system, and watch out for imitations this summer!