Bikini Babes and Kiteboarders - Selling products since 1999

Bikini babes and kiteboarding - the perfect duo that can sell anything in the world!
Those were the days... Windsurfing was dead, kiteboarding was the coolest thing in the world, and commercials were cheesy. Kite-pants were all the rage, (and if you don’t know what kite-pants are – good) and two line kites the norm. Most importantly, girls in bikini’s loved kiteboarders and people who drank Coca-Cola. 

What comes shortly after a booming new sport hits Australian shores? Big brands cashing in on them! Coca-Cola have a history of choosing watersports like windsurfing and surfing to sell their products, so in the late 90’s their attention was turned in the direction of the nearest beach where kiteboarders were sweeping the bikini girls off their feet. Thanks to their huge moves, snazzy kite pants and biceps the size of small mountains – everyone loved watching kiteboarders. They still do!

Watch this old Coca-Cola commercial from 1999, featuring some of the classic equipment and tricks from the very first days in kiteboarding.

PS. For those who missed that whole phase, kite pants are the long pants you see these guys wearing in the commercial. Yes, kiters wore long baggy pants in the water. No, nobody knows why we all wore them. Yes, everyone wore them in the early 2000’s.