Back Mobe tips with Dan Sweeney.

Dan Sweeney, Mid-Mobe.
The Back Mobe is one of kiteboarding's sweetest moves you can learn. Easily worthy of pro status at your local, stomping a solid Back Mobe will certainly attract attention, and feel awesome too.

Cabrinha pro Dan Sweeney has sat down in his favorite kite shop to talk you through how to do one, giving you the tips he wishes he once had! Luckily for us (and Cabrinha) he didn’t-need-no-stinkin tutor to stomp the crazy tricks he does, Dan learned them the old fashioned way through kite crashes and beatings!

Follow these three tips and you’ll be ‘mobing’ like Dan Sweeney and his mate Liam Whaley did in that Cabrinha FX promo vid from Australia a few months ago... 

Kite position is critical. You want to sure your kite is at least at 45 degrees, to help allow you to keep the kite low while you are trying the trick itself. Make sure you put a bit of front hand pressure on the bar. It’s really common when you’re doing these back rotation tricks that you pull on your back hand, which will send the kite up and make it virtually impossible to pass the bar. Keep it low and looking good.

Commit to the pop. When you feel like youre giving it your all, go one step ahead and give it a little bit extra. When you commit to the pop, you want to think of yourself over-rotating. Fully commit to the pop, you want maximum load and pressure through your lines and your kite to drive forwards and create some slack in your lines.

Imagine your board like an ice cream scoop, with the board scooping through the ice cream. Hold your edge for a long as possible. The scoop is going to allow you to get in that flipping, back mobe looking rotation a lot easier. If you give in early you then you’re using a bit more of your physical power and your body to get yourself into that rotation, but if you pop late it will allow you to flip into that movement a lot easier. Pass late.