An in-depth look at the North Click Bar

In Winter this year, North Kiteboarding showed a select group of store owners and dealers a new bar they’d been working on for years. They showed it to them on a tropical island, with the best kiteboarding conditions possible, with their brand managers and team riders on hand to sell the concept like it was the best thing since kiteboarding itself.

When those dealers came back, they told kiteboarders all over Australia about this revolutionary new bar. They explained that it used a button for depower. They said that it had no depower strap. Some even marvelled at the clear window to see which setting you had depowered to. All that was great, but there was one big problem.

They couldn’t show photos!

Well the cat is out of the bag now, and the internet is exploding with the same stoke about this new bar as the dealers had when they returned from the 2017 North Dealer conference.

Interested in seeing it for yourself? Jeremie Tronet is in the Grenadines with a brand new, unwrapped clicker bar – and he’s about to take you on his first ride with it to show you that yes, this might just be a ‘game changer’.