'All The Way' an inspiring tale about a young kiteboarder

In a week of out-of-the-box promo videos, Naish has followed up Cabrinha’s effort this week with ‘All The Way’ an inspiring tale of a young kiteboarder and his relationship with the elements.

If you weren’t a fan of the crazy antics offered in the Cabrinha FX video, then fear not, this offering from Naish takes a different turn with stunning visuals and wise-old-man narration by Tom O'Bedlam. The rider featured is Paul Serin, a freestyler from France who (rightly) is super proud of the short film.

“If there is a video that you have to watch today is the one! I am proud to share with you a Kite film like nothing you've ever seen” said Serin through social media yesterday, “Many thanks to Naish Kiteboarding for their support, and no wind Production for his work!”

The two time French freestyle champion is currently competing in the PKRA world tour, positioned 15th ahead of surfer Ariel Corniel, but until now he’s been waiting in the wings for a lead in one of Naish’s big production movies. He certainly hasn’t disappointed in this one, with some smooth freestyle to complement the big boosts and occasional wave slashes you’ll find in the video below.

Could this be a turning point for kiteboarding companies and their promo videos? Is the world about to see kiteboarding as something other than trick clips and bikini babes? Wouldn’t that be nice!