100 yr Old Man Goes Kiteboarding for his Birthday!

100 years old and stoked to be on the water!
How many 100 year old blokes do you know? How many of those would choose to go kiteboarding on their birthday!?

Well, watch this video and you’ll know one. Nels Glesne headed down to Naish beach on Maui (the little beach to the right of ‘kite beach’) on his 100th birthday with some friends, and some younger help to get him out on the water. Using a little Cloud kite, and a modified catamaran to sit on, the five of them cruised in and out of the inner lagoon, even surfing a few waves. Nels had a good crack at flying the kite too!

Using an old Catamaran is a great way to get a group of mates out on the water at once, or to give the kiteboarding experience to someone who's not quite up to the task of riding a board. You get that same kiting feeling, with someone to talk to!

Check out this video of a 100yr old bloke going kiteboarding (well, kite-boating) for his birthday. What a legend!