Kite foiling tricks you've never seen before!

That kite is crashed on purpose, and he rides away from this!
Foiling is maturing now, and those riders who were on board at the start are beginning to experiment and develop a real style about their riding. None more so than Greg from Board Riding Maui.

He’s the guy (yep, the one guy) behind those white and green kites you might have seen called ‘clouds’, and those kites are so popular because of these videos. They’re all shot at Naish beach on Maui (which is just around the rock wall to ‘Kite Beach’) and all he rides is a foil. At times, one could be forgiven for thinking he’s standing on just a foil, with no board, because the board he uses is a glorified piece of plywood.

But this isn’t about his gear, it’s about his moves. Those silky smooth moves.

They’ve never been done before, because you simply couldn’t do them without a foil and those kites (ok, maybe this article is a little about the gear) and a few years worth of practice. To describe what Greg does on the water doesn’t really do the tricks justice, this guy is all about the flow. And the stall, oh the stall! Those slow downwind carves with the kite stalled mid-window are just amazing. Don’t expect to see aerials or handlepasses in this vid…

Watch some truly revolutionary kite foiling for yourself, right here…