The Kite Tour you've never heard of - the Kite Park League!

Stuff went down in the Philippines. Really. It did! Pic: Toby Bromwich
Bubbling away in the background for the last year or so, has been a kite comp that all the pro’s attended, held in one of the best locations in the world and on some of the best built obstacles kiteboarding has ever seen. But there’s been nothing really said about it. It’s called the Kite Park League, and they’re going to change the way wakestlye riding is seen by outsiders. It’s huge!

The Kite Park League brings together the hodge-podge of events around the world that feature kickers and sliders. The Triple S, The Hood Jam and a few others over in Europe form the big events, but it was kicked off earlier this year in the Philippines at Palawan Beach, dubbed the Solaire Blue Open.

That was back in February, and we’re only just starting to see some decent videos pop up now, like this one called Unofficial Blue. Check it out, and you’ll see all the makings of a good thing, and once it hits the Triple S in June – the Kite Park League is going to explode!