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Welcome to the Magic Mile - It's the Pond but on Steroids.
Kitesurfing Digest #45
Kitesurfing Digest #44
Kitesurfing Digest #43
Australian Freestyle Kiteboarding Nationals in Perth 2018
Kitesurfing Digest #42
Lancelin Ocean Classic 2018 Results
Kai Lenny Foils 11 waves in a row - without ever paddling!
Not free for the taking, but it's worth it - Cocos Islands
Ozone Releases their most versatile kite yet - Chrono V3
Kitesurfing Digest #41
Is wakestyle coming to foiling? This guy's doing it!
The Game of Kiteboarding - Kite Jam is back in 2018
Kitesurfing Digest #40
Extreme Durability Testing with Cabrinha & Nick Jacobsen
Perth's Best Holidays for Kiteboarding Yet?
3 Tips to Help You FOIL Away From Turns to Toeside
She's a role model. She's a lady. She's also the champion.
Boosting to the moon with Josh Emanuel
3 Easy Kiteboarding Tricks you can try this weekend
Kitesurfing Digest #39
2017 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton race results
Insane Kitesurfing Stunt - 277m high with Nick Jacobsen!!!!!
Kevin Langeree gets up close with the Volvo Ocean Race.
Kitesurfing Digest #38
5X World Champion Aaron Hadlow coming to Perth - for a race!
The Best 3 King of the Air Entries this year = MEGALOOPS!!!
2017's biggest release 'The Bubble' out now FREE!
Kitesurfing Digest #37
Merimbula Classic Kiteboarding Australia Wave Nationals

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